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Sunday 20 Apr 2014
Welcome to AWAZ Welfare Orgaization

A  non  Governmental,  non  profitable  organization  with  a  prime  mandate  to strengthen  the  society  through  community  mobilization  and  volunteer  support forums  in  order  to  ensure  that  Human  Rights  are  practiced  in  all  levels  of community  through  community  awareness, youth representation, women  empowerment  and  capacity  building on various issues.


AWO Vision

To strengthen rural  and urban communities on equal, just and sensible provision of basic education,  health  facilities  and  equal  rights  of  participation  to  all  the community  representatives  specifically  youth , women  and  children  and  where  there  is  no discrimination in the provision of resources on the basis of race, gender colour and class for achieving sustainable development through participatory approach.